About the Artist

Jeremy Burmeister is a Bay-area artist with a flair for found objects of vintage and organic varieties. His creativity finds expression in the media of jewelry, sculpture, mirrors, and performance.

The organic sensibility of Jeremy’s work owes to his childhood near the southern New Jersey shore where he was fascinated by oceanic creatures, insects, fossils, and other treasures. The result is a harmonious combination of discovery and invention that distinguishes his art.

The unisex jewelry collection features bronze, sterling silver, and some carved hardwood pieces. The mirrors are assemblages of disused antiques, repurposed and salvaged woods, found bone, and rusted and weathered materials.

Occasionally, Jeremy can be found performing with the antique fortune telling booth of Malvoye the Mentalist, a rare revival of America’s side show and carnival history.

Jeremy holds a BFA from the Tyler School of Art at Temple University.

Jeremy Burmeister

Jeremy Burmeister


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